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Fax Line
Analog Fax Line
Suitable for physical desk phones
Mission Critical
This plan is suitable for emergency services and critical services

Leading Las Vegas VoIP Services in innovation and competitive price points, CyGoose voice services put business voip phones in a better place… the cloud. With cost savings of up to 70% using our voice services we know your bottom-line will appreciate the service and added features.

Our SoftPhones are trending and allowing CYGOOSE IT to bring you the savings, look for upto $5/mo in service savings going with SoftPhone, ask us about softphones.

Looking for Phones for Your Business? Save$$$$$

Are you a Small/Medium or Start-Up Business looking for Assistance? Our Program is offering disruptive pricing affordable and competitive to any leading service support in the Valley. Subscribing to our Services offers you free virus removal and discounted hourly rates. In addition, our subscription services offer you automated maintenance and computer optimization so that your machine can run at its best.

We know your pain points and we are here to help you save $$ and add value to your business and customers. Contact us today, we have worked with Private Schools, Churches, Non-Profits, Small Businesses, Financial Institutes, Health and Wellness Services, Property Management, Call Centers and Legal Organizations.

We Save upto 80% on your IT Services by streamlining common issues for a low monthly costs from $16.99/mo and upto 70% on your phone bills(average 33% savings).

Don’t wait any longer, it costs you nothing to ask us what your options are, take a look at our prices below. We are excited to offer these services to the valley.



VoIP Services:
SoftPhones **HOTTEST SELLER from Start-Ups to Medium Sized
Unlimited (non-autodialing and auto messaging)
**Softphones are iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac Computer Apps that Behave the Same as an Office phone with full features from Digital Receptionists and more..
Softphones are Cloud Hosted on Google Cloud & AWS. Software is 100%Free
Sets up in minutes.

Physical Desk Phones requires more support and installation methods.
Unlimited (non-autodialing and auto messaging)
Includes SoftPhones and 1 Free eFax per organization or(WAN IP) at no extra charge so you can take your office calls on the Go!
Deskphones are Cloud Hosted on Google Cloud & AWS. Software is 100%Free
Sets up in minutes.

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Are you a Call Center? Try our CyGoose Dialer, a cloud hosted auto-dialer for your call center needs! Ask for our 7-day free trial!