IT Security

IT Security is often overlooked or ambiguously sold. We bundle layers of security with our Managed IT Services.

  • End-Point Security
  • Edge Network Security
  • Secure VPN for Remote Workers
  • Mobile Device Security
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  • Port Scan Protection (EndPoint, Edge Network & VPN)
  • DDOS Defense (make sure you aren’t vulnerable against Denial of Service Attacks)
  • Malware & Virus Protection (new threats created every hour is your end point security intelligent? Our A.I. is Industry Leading and heuristics can be custom tailored to fit your organizations needs)
  • Credit Card Attacks (PCI Compliant is not the security standard, DLP and other tactics are your clients, customers and your company’s concern.)
  • Botnet (can your devices or company be used in an international global cyber attack?)
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IT Security Is Only As Strong As Your Most Informed End-User!

…Equip Your Network & Your Team!

– CyGoose Team