True or False? Small Business Can’t Afford IT Services

Hourly service calls and insurance copays can be pricey! Unfortunately we don’t yet have insurance to hire IT Pros with a copay, until then what can a company do?

Owners and office managers typically know what devices are most critical and it typically points to a specific person or job role. What if you could subscribe a professional team to only support that machine? Or more machines for a flat cost that looks beautiful in quickbooks?

You can, it’s called managed services and IT Industry heavily adopted this business model only ~4-6 years ago. That snowball is growing.

At CyGoose IT we’ve worked tirelessly at finding a happy medium, sure subscriptions don’t allow for the high profits that we are accustomed to but it allows more companies to signup virtually risk-free! Allows confidence in the industry and techs to be restored and it makes our business more secure than yesterday.

With savings averaging 33% and up, we are finding more business saying yes! And getting so much more value than ever before.

We expect businesses to continue adopting this business model and more managed service providers to grow as a result.